City of Clay Alabama

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Upcoming Events

Mon Apr 21 @ 6:30PM -
City Council Meetings
Thu Apr 24 @ 6:00PM -
School Committee meeting
Mon Apr 28 @ 6:30PM -
Public Safety Committee meeting
Mon May 05 @ 6:30PM -
City Council Meetings
Mon May 12 @ 6:00PM -
Park and Recreation Committee Meeting
Clay City Hall
(205) 680-1223
Open M-F 8am to 4pm

Physical Address:
2441 Old Springville Road
Birmingham, AL 35215

Mailing Address:
PO Box 345, Clay, AL 35048
Law Enforcement
Who to Call:
Call 911 for an immediate law enforcement need.

Call 325-1450 if you need to report a crime that is not an emergency situation.

Clay residents who see areas that need additional patrol, traffic law enforcement or city ordinance enforcement can contact Andrea Self.

The city of Clay benefits from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department law enforcement services.

Clay residents have additional law enforcement coverage by contracting for deputies to enforce county and state laws, as well Clay city ordinances. Deputy Terry Scott (right) started serving as one of these contract deputies in April 2011. The city also pays for additional deputies as needed, such as for special events.

In addition to the standard Sheriff's Office coverage and the additional city-paid deputy services, reserve deputies volunteer their time in providing law enforcement in Clay. These reserve deputies are kept informed of what areas need more attention at any given time.

City Ordinances:
Some city ordinances are the Weed Ordinance, Junk and Abandoned Vehicles Ordinance, Noise Ordinance, Curfew Ordinance and Smoking Ordinance.

The Public Safety Committee also makes recommendations to the Clay City Council on how the city can enhance law enforcement within its borders.

To see a list of sex offenders in your area, go to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office website.