City of Clay Alabama

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Upcoming Events

Mon Apr 21 @ 6:30PM -
City Council Meetings
Thu Apr 24 @ 6:00PM -
School Committee meeting
Mon Apr 28 @ 6:30PM -
Public Safety Committee meeting
Mon May 05 @ 6:30PM -
City Council Meetings
Mon May 12 @ 6:00PM -
Park and Recreation Committee Meeting
Clay City Hall
(205) 680-1223
Open M-F 8am to 4pm

Physical Address:
2441 Old Springville Road
Birmingham, AL 35215

Mailing Address:
PO Box 345, Clay, AL 35048
Public Works, Inspections and Parks Departments

The city of Clay has three public parks now in use for leisure and sports activities. One other park is planned. Each park has facilities for different uses.

For information on using the parks or about youth sports, contact Administrative Assistant Andrea Self.
Public Works:
This department is responsible for maintaining all city roads and city road .right of way. The city has a policy of repaving some roads twice a year, as funds are available, to make sure problems don't accumulate

Main thoroughfares and roads in the original area when the city was formed in 2000 are the responsibility of Jefferson County Roads and Transportation. The city also works with the county to identify roads they need to repair.

Contact Andrea Self with questions or concerns pertaining to roads, litter or other public works issues.

Contact Allied Waste, a Republic Service Company, concerning garbage pick-up service and billing.

A schedule and more details of garbage pick-up services can be found here.

This department oversees inspections of all new construction and remodeling. 

Following is a list of city construction permits:
Sign, Electrical, Demolition, Erosion / Excavationt, Gas, Plumbing, Miscellaneous Building, Mechanical, Blasting, Residential Building, Non-Residential Building.

Contact Andrea Self for information about construction permits.