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Tornado-damaged Houses to be Demolished
altThe city of Clay will be contracting to have some tornado-damaged houses demolished.

After city employees did a survey of damaged houses, the Abatement Board met to determine which houses should be on the list. One historical house was removed from the list at that time.

Notice was given to the property owners.

The list then was forwarded to the City Council as a recommendation. On Aug. 20, the demolition of the houses were approved.

The city then received notice that two of the property owners planned to do the demolition of those houses. One of those has already come down.

The city is putting out a call for bids in mid-September for a company to do the demolition. The cost of this work will then be applied to a lein put on the property that must be paid at the time the lot is sold.

See the list approved by the council.